Vestibular Migraine 2021 Survey

In 2015, I undertook a survey of over 300 patients with vestibular migraine, with very interesting results on what medications and treatments did and did not help. 

I thought given that vestibular migraine is now more recognised and (hopefully) better treated, I would rerun the survey to learn more...

What is it?

Vestibular Migraine is a type of migraine in which patients experience some form of dizziness, which can be rocking or spinning, but also an imbalance. It is often accompanied by a sensitivity to light, sound or smells (as in other migraine types) as well as headache or head pain.

It is a condition that was relatively recently appreciated and officially classified, but has (obviously) been around for a long time.

The Problem

Because of its recent "appearance", vestibular migraine has less research on what works. Further, like all migraine, it is unclear how to select which medication for which patients.

The Solution

We need more data.

My hope is that by collating and sharing the data from as many patients with vestibular migraine as we can, we can better guide therapy in the long run. 

I have created a (better) version of the 2015 survey, with more information to help drive better insights into treating Vestibular Migraine. It is anonymous, does not collect emails or IP addresses, so you can feel reassured that all the information yo provide is completely de-indentified. I will publish the results as blog posts. I have included the 2015 result links here and here

Thank you for taking part (and sharing with others)...  

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