Start with a referral and approval by insurance

If you have been injured at work due to an accident all whilst driving, all you need to do is have a referral from your nominated treating doctor to East Neurology approved by your insurance company and that approval sent to us. You can read more about making a claim HERE and the process is handled through SIRA, the NSW Government insurance regulator.

After that point, our doctors can see you and look after you without any out-of-pocket costs at all. We will deal with the insurance company directly.

Construction Workers

We will diagnose what is wrong with you and offer the most appropriate treatment to get you feeling better and back to being yourself. The only difference between this and any regular care is that anything that we need to do, such as injections, referrals including physiotherapy and allied health, will need to be approved by the insurance company. We send those referrals directly to the insurance company and they send you back the approval. After that, you can go ahead with the treatment as planned during your last consultation.

Experience and expertise

We are very experienced in looking after patients who have suffered injuries and accidents and have extensive expertise in managing the insurance related issues as well. The goal is to focus on you and improving your care and well-being.

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