In last night’s budget, it was (finally) announced that Emgality will be listed on the PBS for chronic migraine. This means that it will now cost around $40 per month per script, rather than the current $263.

This is great news for patients with chronic migraine, as it gives us more options to use as a preventative. It joins Botox as a well tolerated, easy to use intermittent treatment for chronic migraine.

How well does Emgality work?

The medication is potent at reducing migraine frequency and intensity, with benefit accumulating over months.

This shows the reduction of headache days per month in patients treated with Emgality versus those given a placebo injection.

Side effects of this medication are mild, usually injection site reactions and constipation (others are rare).

The medication works by blocking the last chemical released into the surface of the brain, CGRP, before the pain of the migraine begins.

To talk further about if this medication is correct for you, contact us for an appointment. Other options remain Botox, also highly effective for chronic migraine – you can read more about Botox on our specific page.