Nerve Conduction testing is the GOLD STANDARD for diagnosing nerve problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

BUT combining it with ultrasound allows us to definitely look at the reason why, ie. another cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as a ganglion or swelling.

Until now, patients would have both tests done separately, at different places.

But now, we are a…

One Stop Shop

Why Ultrasound?

Whilst nerve testing will confirm the diagnosis and is the best test for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome, ultrasound can help rule out a cause for the nerve compression, such as a ganglion or other growths, inflammation of the tendons or other anatomical abnormality.

Imaging in Medicine, 4(3): 287-297 (2012).

Now only at East Neurology, we are offering both tests at the one time to give the best diagnosis for our patients.

So GPs and Specialists can use our referral form to order both tests, as required clinically.

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