Exercise and Your Brain

I recently watched an excellent episode of the Insight program on SBS discussing exercise. It highlighted both the reasons why – good for your heart and your brain, including reducing the risk of dementia (for which there is excellent scientific backing) – as well as the difficulties of doing so – namely good motivation to… Read More

Can a parasite change how your brain works? 

Evolution does funny things Over millenia of evolution, each creature figures out a way of spreading and procreating. Viruses take over other cells and make their machinery reproduce the virus. Some viruses, though, get more ambitious. The rabies virus spreads itself from animal to animal by making dogs rabid, so they will bite other animals… Read More

Remembering medications

Medications are useful in combating disease, but one of the biggest reasons for their not having their full benefit is that people don’t actually take them.  Up to half of patients don’t take their medications as they are meant to. This can be because the reason why is not explained or understood, so make sure… Read More