Remembering medications

Medications are useful in combating disease, but one of the biggest reasons for their not having their full benefit is that people don’t actually take them.  Up to half of patients don’t take their medications as they are meant to. This can be because the reason why is not explained or understood, so make sure… Read More

Forgetting that you forget

A new analysis of patients over time assessing their memory adds support to the clinical rule of thumb, that if you have memory problems but are still worried about them, you’re probably still okay. The study followed over two thousand patients and examined their memory every year. The researchers looked at a subset of 239… Read More

Increasing exercise to live longer

Increasing exercises levels is known to reduce mortality, especially from such causes as heart attack and stroke, as well as some cancers. But how much is enough? Researchers have recently reviewed nine studies involving a total of 122,417 participants who were monitored for an average of around 10 years. During this period, 18,122 patients died.… Read More