Use it or lose it… An article in the Fairfax press

In a recent article in the Fairfax press, I was discussing the various ways of maintaining brain health through lifestyle changes. These include exercise, diet and brain training. As our population ages, this is becoming increasingly important. A few simple changes could mean a great deal in older age… If you aren’t exercising, “start low… Read More

Home Exercise and Parkinson’s disease – Earlier is Better for Falls Prevention

In a recent study, 231 adults with Parkinson’s disease aged on average 71 who had fallen or were judged at risk of falls were split randomly into two groups for 6 months. Usual care (the control group). Exercise group, which did 40 to 60 minutes of balance and leg strengthening exercises 3 times a week,… Read More

Lack of Exercise more deadly than Obesity and Can be Improved in 20 minutes per day

In a study that followed 334,161 men and women for more than 12 years, who self-reported physical activity. Just under a quarter (22.7%) of participants were categorized as inactive, due to no recreational activity and a sedentary occupation. Occupations were described as sedentary (e.g., office work), standing (e.g., hairdresser, guard), physical work (e.g., plumber, nurse),… Read More

Combine Physical and Mental Activity to Improve Memory

In a study of 172 people aged 60-85, Perth researchers showed that a combination of physical and mental activity improved verbal memory (but failed to show benefits for other areas such as executive functions that control focus, attention to details and goal setting, or for visual memory, processing speed or attention). Physical exercise had the… Read More