East Neurology has now signed on for electronic prescribing with eRx, which allows you to use a barcode on the script you receive (and to allow that script to be electronically sent to the chemist).

You no longer need to give the original script to the chemist for standard medications (excluding such things as Lyrica, sleeping pills and morphine-based medications) and the same chemist can then also dispense repeats for you without the paper script, either.

Soon (possibly by end 2020), we will reach proper full ePrescribing, so no paper is required at all…

This should make keeping up with your medications easier – and more straight forward, including for TeleHealth consults. So no more waiting for Australia Post to get the script across.

For more information, see the eRx fact sheet HERE or see their FAQ section HERE.

More reading? Here’s our post about remembering medications HERE.

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