I was very pleased to help our friends at Migraine Australia for Migraine Awareness month. They are advocating on behalf of migraine sufferers to have greater access to treatment and support.

Talking to Migraine Australia about headache neurologists during Migraine Awareness Month

We chatted about what a headache-specialist neurologist does for patients with migraine, including:

  • Looking at the whole person, including triggers and factors that make migraines worse.
  • Using acute medications appropriately, to get rid of each individual migraine attack and minimise disability.
  • Using Migraine Preventatives that suit the person, at the right dose for the right length of time.
  • Monitoring outcomes – how things are going and making changes to the plan.
  • Perseverence – not giving up until we get the desired result, in terms of disability and general function.

Hope you enjoy.

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