Last Updated on June 2, 2019

I recently watched an excellent episode of the Insight program on SBS discussing exercise. It highlighted both the reasons why – good for your heart and your brain, including reducing the risk of dementia (for which there is excellent scientific backing) – as well as the difficulties of doing so – namely good motivation to start with, but lack of persistence.

The ‘dose’ of exercise was also covered, from 75-150 minutes a week of vigorous exercise, to 150-300 minutes of mild-moderate exercise. Worth highlighting. Increasing your exercise will also prolong your life, especially when you start doing something from a base of nothing,

There was one point, which I thought was excellent. Motivation will get you there, but making it a habit will keep you there. Making exercise a daily habit, with the help of planning and friends / family, will ease the daily decision-making burden of “finding the time” and getting the motivation up for each day.

You can watch the episode here. Here are some other of my posts on exercise, including details on living longer, exercise for Parkinson’s disease, and its benefit for your brain and memory

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