Home DNA testing? It’s coming to a kitchen near you…

Imagine testing to see if you have the latest gene for heart disease risk. Imagine doing that in your kitchen…

Your DNA

Your genetic material, your DNA, codes for all the components of each cell that makes your body. Each cell that makes you who you are. Its unique nature is what is used on CSI for catching criminals. But it also tells a lot about risks for disease, though lifestyle and your environment also play a strong role. 

Human genome project

Until recently, it took many millions of dollars and years to map the human genome, the sum total of the human DNA. This is getting chapter and easier by the day, but now, it seems we might be getting towards genetic testing in your kitchen, with home machines!

The following video discusses this concept in more detail.

Have your say…

What do you think we should be testing for at home? Comment below…

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