Last Updated on June 2, 2019

After just over 24 hours, an amazing response to the Migraine Vertigo survey with over 140 responses so far. I will collate all the detailed results shortly, but here is a taste of the sort of data we can get. Shows the power of crowd sourcing research.

This is a graph showing responses to medication:

Migraine Vertigo Treatment Interim


Be mindful about interpretation as yet – I will need to analyse these more carefully and will comment later on. But it provides food for thought…

Take the Survey to make the data better and help fellow sufferers.


2 thoughts on “Early results of Migraine Vertigo survey

    1. The survey is not looking at doses but rather getting an overall feel for what seems to work and what does not. I will put up a link to the American Academy of Neurology review of the non medication options for migraine treatment.

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