Last Updated on June 2, 2019

Blood pressure monitoring for 24 hours is better than home readings, but still better than with the doctor.

A study from Finland took 502 patients and compared their blood pressure readings taken three different ways:

  1. In a doctor’s office (4 times, one week apart)
  2. At home (Twice a day – morning and evening – for a week)
  3. With a 24 hour blood pressure monitor (15 minutely readings during the day and 30 minutely at night) also known as ABPM (in chart below).

They then compared the rate of death or cardiovascular events (stroke or heart attack and related events) over the next 16 years.

Blood Pressure Chart
Increase in Cardiovascular events and Mortality per 1mmHg increase in Blood pressure in the study by Dr Niiranen

As can be seen from the chart, which graphs the increase in the events for every 1mmHg increase in blood pressure (in this chart the upper number – systolic) the 24 hour monitor was the best at predicting events, though home readings were also better than readings in the doctor’s office.

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Source: Hypertension Journal

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