Botox for Migraine: Who is it for? What does it do? What does it feel like?

Having injected several hundred individual patients with Botox over the last several years, I thought it was an appropriate time to share my experience, as well as more information about the use of Botox in migraine.  I will go through the scientific evidence about whether it works, what is actually done and what it feels… Read More

Use it or lose it… An article in the Fairfax press

In a recent article in the Fairfax press, I was discussing the various ways of maintaining brain health through lifestyle changes. These include exercise, diet and brain training. As our population ages, this is becoming increasingly important. A few simple changes could mean a great deal in older age… If you aren’t exercising, “start low… Read More

Exercise and Your Brain

I recently watched an excellent episode of the Insight program on SBS discussing exercise. It highlighted both the reasons why – good for your heart and your brain, including reducing the risk of dementia (for which there is excellent scientific backing) – as well as the difficulties of doing so – namely good motivation to… Read More